Our Story

Why Cloud Forest Apothecary?

Why settle? You don’t have time to make it all, but shouldn’t you trust it as if you did?

The Hurried Life

Generations ago, our grandparents’ parents used to not shop at the local market. They grew their own treatments in their gardens, and formulated in the kitchens of their homes. They knew exactly what they were putting on their bodies, because they made it themselves. 

Fast forward to present day, and now personal care entails lists of ingredients that we cannot pronounce. Somehow laboratory created and synthetically derived have become synonymous with “healthy”, and product formulas are hidden by big names or simple blanket statements such as “inert ingredients” and “fragrance”.

You already know all this, of course, but life gets in the way, and for one reason or another, you haven't been able to make your products yourself… between the time and space it takes to garden, the every day rush of kids, work, school, after school activities, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and family time… taking care of yourself, taking care of your loved ones, having one on one time with your partner, not to mention, STILL looking like fabulous, even though your life is a whirlwind at 100 miles/hour--when do you actually have the time?…(SIGH) This is where we come in...☺️

The Green Movement

We non-conformists, also known as the DIYers, started a revolution in the personal care industry. If you're exasperated by lack of choice, and unwilling to compromise on principles, but don't have the time to do it yourselves, then your and our definition of “good for us” most likely constitute the same thing. Together, we're going back to the generations before, and using those traditional recipes or inventing our own. As unconventionalists, we're on a journey of empowerment and discovery, and you & us, this is our tale.

Meet Us

Hidden in the Cloud Forest in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, our family escaped the toxins & chemicals of modern day life, and took refuge among nature where we could heal. Chemical sensitivities were a gift in disguise, as we turned to "Do It Ourselves" for natural & effective personal care. Countless years of trial & error formulations (and more effort & money than we care to admit), allowed us to create solutions not by chance, but from dedication, time, and persistence. Here, we still live in the clouds, and surviving as a mom and pop artisan business, offer you this: If you’re unhappy with your personal care and still haven’t found your match, then maybe it's time to consider us.

The Crew

Marjorie and Nano, wife & husband, mother & father, innovators & guinea pigs

Marjorie started out her career as an eternal student, studying Biology, Spanish Education, and finally Nursing. She dabbled in the work force of both North and South America, and met her husband, Nano, in Quito, in the late 1990’s. Nano, a Chilean ex-patriate, had moved with his family to Ecuador as a teenager, having escaped the regime of then Chilean dictator, Pinochet.

In Ecuador, Marjorie studied Spanish and taught English at different academies, volunteered at a veterinary clinic, and also founded, with her husband, a cultural language immersion program for a California University. Nano, in turn, worked as a national distributor & sales rep for an Ecuadorian based company, and then the two got married and moved to the US. Back in North America, she worked as a Registered Nurse and Nano as an interpreter, carpenter, and also student of the Culinary Arts.

In 2011, the young family found themselves in a predicament where environmental toxins had made them ill. With 2 children in tow, they decided to move back to Ecuador, where they turned their favorite getaway into their new home. The Cloud Forest, known for its remote, pristine and biodiverse countryside, was just the prescription they needed to improve their health.  They turned to off-grid living and thus began a DIY journey of epic proportions....

Presently, they still live in Ecuador, where they have recovered substantially and homeschool their children. Their primary work is in the tourism industry, which ironically, was also the inspiration for their first creation.  In an area where truly “natural” products are amiss to any discriminating ingredient list reader (raise your hand if you're one of them), they couldn't tolerate the chemically laden repellents that tourists frequently wore.  Born out of necessity, their artisan business started with their natural insect repellents, where to this day, regulars still visit the local pharmacy to replace it as their perfume (true story). 

Their tale now embarks more than just repellents, as they look to nature to resolve the continuous train of maladies that crop up in life.  They personally use what they create, only test on themselves (never on animals), and stand by their moral obligation of transparency, naturally derived & toxin free products.

When they aren’t busy with tourists, family or creating, they also like to play soccer, spend time in the garden, go for walks outside and make mosaics.