Silver & Coconut Natural Roll On Deodorant--Unscented

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Not again.

I tenderly touch my armpit, tracing the familiar hardness of another blind zit.

A glance in the mirror confirms my suspicions. Sore to the touch, I see red spots of various sizes.

I'll have to change the razor. But--the cysts perplex me.

It’s not until I rub on the deodorant that I realize my mistake.


Shirt first, deodorant second.

Acrobatics has never been my thing.

I’ll just wear a white shirt so no one notices the grease stains…

A little known secret until now, at Cloud Forest Apothecary, we've pioneered a new way to keep you odor AND stain free...without clogging pores!

Lovingly formulated in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador, long days under the equatorial sun led us to the epiphany that is our Silver & Coconut Natural Roll On Deodorant. Created with a huge list of non-negotiables in mind, this deodorant:

• Is safe; for both you and the environment
• Is aluminum free
• Is effective (even after a bout of cross-fit in 90 degree weather)
• Is long-lasting (so that you can confidently leave the house without a secret stash in the glove compartment)
• Doesn't clog pores
• Doesn't rub on in chunks, but glides on like silk
• Doesn't require dipping fingers in it
• Doesn't stain

Cloud Forest Apothecary silver & coconut natural roll on deodorant ingredient highlights

Cloud Forest Apothecary silver & coconut natural roll on deodorant product highlights

Ingredient Superheroes: Colloidal silver, organic fractionated coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda, xanthan gum.

100% Natural
No: aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, GMO or other harsh chemicals

  • Net Contents 1.69 fl. oz. ( 50 mL) 
  • Apply as needed to armpit area. 
  • Formulated in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador, made in the USA.
  • For topical use only.  Avoid contact with broken, abraded, or recently shaved skin.