How Vitamin E Improves Health From the Inside Out

January 05, 2019

How Vitamin E Improves Health From the Inside Out

Vitamin E has numerous health benefits; it plays a role in preventing heart disease and atherosclerosis, it decreases the risk of cancer and cataracts,  and it prevents the effects of pollutants and free radical damage. Preliminary research is also showing that this antioxidant vitamin can prevent diabetes and premenstrual syndrome. It can also play a role in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Let us review the health effects of vitamin E in detail:

History of Vitamin E

Vitamin E was discovered in the 1920's, when rats fed a diet deficient in Vitamin E became unable to reproduce. It wasn’t until the 1960s, however, that scientists declared it a necessary nutrient for humans. The most common forms of vitamin E are tocopherols and tocotrienols. Today, most Vitamin E supplements consist of alpha tocopherol. The word tocopherol comes from the Greek word "to bear offspring". 

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

How Vitamin E Protects From Heart Disease

Evidence supporting the role of vitamin E in the prevention of heart disease has been building over several decades. Harvard University researchers have reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that 100 IU supplements of Vitamin E taken daily can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in men and women. Moreover, Vitamin E protects against the harmful effects of junk food. A study showed that a combination of vitamins E and C taken 15 minutes before eating a fatty, fast food rich breakfast offered remarkable protection against the effects of such food on blood vessels and moreover, these protective effects actually lasted for over 6 hours. The anticoagulant effect of Vitamin E supports bodily functions and reduces blood clotting. Studies have shown that this important vitamin also helps with preserving oxygen and can promote hemoglobin formulation.

Vitamin E in Skin Care

Most of us know about the skin care benefits of Vitamin E--so it's no wonder it is used in many cosmetics and anti-aging formulations. Vitamin E replenishes skin cells that have died and actively regenerates cell repair to produce healthier and younger looking skin. German doctors actually call this vitamin the Fountain of Youth. Internal and topical use of this antioxidant can prevent age spots, sun damage and even provide protection against skin cancer. Vitamin E also prevents and repairs stretch marks and may be used to supplement as a sunscreen and protect against sun damage. Low levels of vitamin E are also linked to the appearance of acne and rosacea. Ringworm is a recurring skin disease caused by a fungus. A mixture of vitamin E oil and Tea Tree oil successfully treat fungal infections within a short period of time. Vitamin E oil also soothes the skin and helps prevent skin irritation caused by pure tea tree oil when applied directly to the skin.

Vitamin E in Hair Care

Vitamin E is especially beneficial for healthy hair. It deeply penetrates the hair follicle and nourishes it. Topical use of vitamin E oil for scalp massage adds shine to the hair. It also enables the hair to absorb nutrients and promotes blood circulation; thus improving hair health down to the roots. Human hair can easily absorb Vitamin E oil and fill up hollow hair shafts with healthy proteins. The oil also seals moisture in and prevents dryness and dandruff. Regular topical and internal use of vitamin E can reduce hair loss.

Vitamin E for Pain Management

People who suffer frequently from leg cramps have been known to benefit from this important vitamin. One study showed that people who stopped taking Vitamin E reported a return of cramping in their legs. When those same people then restarted vitamin E supplementation, they experienced relief.

Vitamin E for Support and Protection of Sexual Well Being

Doctors actually call Vitamin E the vitamin of virility. Practitioners have long since recommended this vitamin for protecting sexual organs. 

Vitamin E Helps Heal Diabetes-Related Wounds

A 53 year old diabetic man had a serious ulcer on his foot which turned gangrenous. The doctors had no choice but to amputate; but as a last resort decided to start the man on high doses of Vitamin E. After 71 days, with 375 IU of vitamin E daily, the man’s foot healed completely and within several months, his insulin requirement had reduced to 1/3rd of the original requirement. He was able to return to work again.

Vitamin E for Healthy Vision

Vitamin E is necessary for healthy eyesight. As an antioxidant it prevents free radical damage that causes cataracts and protects the retina. Moreover, it also protects the vitamin A in the eyes from damage.

Vitamin E for Immune System Support

Vitamin E supports our immune system by protecting the thymus gland as well as the circulating white blood cells from damage. It is especially critical when the body is undergoing oxidative stress or illness.

Vitamin E for Age Degeneration Prevention

High doses of this wonderful vitamin in rats have shown that it can protect the proteins involved in the central nervous system and immune function which get damaged due to the natural aging process. This can also prevent age related memory loss. It also destroys free radicals which harm blood vessels and skin—thus causing aging.

Vitamin E for Overall Health

Vitamin E is necessary for overall health. Deficiency symptoms can take a while to be seen. Studies have shown that daily doses of up to 400 IU or 250mg of Vitamin E per day can protect against aging, cancer, heart disease. etc. Such doses are not obtainable through food, so supplementation is recommended.  How do you incorporate vitamin E into your life?

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