Colloidal Silver: History, Uses & Benefits

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Colloidal Silver: History, Uses & Benefits

Colloidal Silver was used extensively medically in the early 19th century but all that changed once antibiotics and corticosteroids were introduced in the 20th century. Thankfully though, people are awakening to the dangers of antibiotics, particularly when used in excess. As a result, colloidal silver is regaining its place in medical theory and practice. It is only a matter of time before this naturally antibiotic healing agent becomes a standard component in medical pharmacopoeia. In this article, we will take a look at some traditional and unique uses of colloidal silver, its benefits and particularly its relevance as a cleaning and deodorizing agent. We will also debunk some myths surrounding it.

What is Colloidal Silver? 

Colloidal silver consists of extremely minute, sub-microscopic silver particles suspended in distilled and demineralized water. The particles can range anywhere from less than 1 nanometer to 100 nm in diameter. The smaller these particles, the more effective the silver is in treating diseases. The best colloidal silver is produced at a molecular level: a small DC current is passed through an electrode connected to pure silver rods. This causes minute silver molecules with a positive charge to be drawn off the positive electrode. The antibacterial properties of silver work as follows: the silver particles suffocate the enzymes that bad bacteria and viruses use to create oxygen. Since all disease causing bacteria and viruses are typically aerobic in nature--meaning they need oxygen to survive--colloidal silver particles kill them by restricting their oxygen supply. Thus, the mere proximity of silver cripples the activity of viruses, fungi and bacteria in the body.

A Brief History of the Use of Silver

Silver has been used for thousands of years as a natural powerful antibiotic that does not come with harmful side effects. Here are some traditional uses of silver and colloidal silver:

  • Until the advent of refrigerators, people used to put silver coins in milk to keep it from spoiling.
  • Ancient Greek royals knew about the health benefits of silver too. They ate and drank from silver plates and cups so that the precious metal got rubbed into the food and went into their bodies. The reason behind this was the belief that silver protected against infectious diseases.
  • Doctors often sutured silver wires into wounds to prevent infections and gangrene.
  • Americans used colloidal silver in the early 1800s. Although it was relatively expensive back then, people believed in its antibiotic properties.
  • Chemists put silver coins in their petri dishes to sterilize them.
  • Mid wives and doctors added silver nitrate to newborns’ eyes to eliminate blindness caused by gonorrhea.
  • Later, scientific research in the 1900s showed that silver was highly effective against pathogens of different kinds.

All this changed once penicillin, sulfa and other antibiotic drugs were produced. These drugs were easier to store and could be patented whereas silver could not. This was the main reason why people forgot about colloidal silver and its health benefits.

Use of Colloidal Silver today

Currently, medical communities from all across the world are once again researching colloidal silver extensively. In the past few years, scientists have discovered at least 85 different uses for this metal. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are just beginning to see at what extent silver can relieve suffering and save lives. Here are some popular health benefits and uses of colloidal silver today:

1.     Treat Infections

Colloidal silver is found to be effective against a host of diseases and infections including tuberculosis, Lyme disease, plague, STDs, ulcers, ringworm, malaria, HIV, AIDS, warts and shingles.

2.     Antibacterial Properties

Colloidal silver has demonstrated an astonishing ability to control superbugs. In lab studies, it was found to be effective against 650 different types of pathogens. The study showed that a small amount of silver was enough to kill these pathogens in minutes. Urinary foley catheters are now also being coated in silver because of its ability to reduce & prevent urinary tract & bladder infections.

3.     Purify Water

Silver is frequently used inside of water filters to clean and purify water. Silver ionizers are also a safe & effective alternative for cleaning & maintaining pool hygiene, thus decreasing the use and dependence of pool owners on chlorine and its toxic effects.

4.     Skin Care and Cosmetics

Silver spray can quickly heal skin infections, cuts, wounds, burns, rashes, etc. It is particularly beneficial for tinea or ringworm infections, psoriasis, eczema, scabies, and allergies. Silver’s antifungal properties help in treating ringworm, candida and yeast infections. You can also use it for treating dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp. According to Dr. Robert Baker from Syracuse Medical University, colloidal silver is great for use in cosmetics thanks to its tissue re-growth property. Dr. Baker found colloidal silver great for healing wounded skin tissue without any side effects. Silver’s antibacterial properties are therefore attracting high end organic and green skin care cosmetic manufacturers such as May Lindstrom and Yuli Skin Care that are using this ingredient in their skin care range. Colloidal silver does not harm surrounding tissue and heals a wide range of skin problems, making it ideal for use as a super solution for acne, scarring, anti aging, etc.

5.     Eye/Ear Infections

Many people use colloidal silver sprays to quickly get rid of eye infections like blepharitis, stye, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and the like. Similarly, a couple of drops in the ears can help heal ear infections quickly including those caused by swimmer’s ear, otits media, upper respiratory infections, etc.

6.     Anti-Viral

The healing antiviral properties of colloidal silver can help prevent seasonal viral infections like the flu. People who consume colloidal silver regularly before the flu season not only reduce their risk of getting influenza and swine flu, but they could also reduce the duration of the illness. Colloidal silver particles suffocate the viruses that cause warts, shingles, cold sores, Hepatitis C and HIV, among others.

7.     Anti-Inflammatory

Colloidal silver is highly anti-inflammatory. In a study, it was used for treating the inflamed skin of pigs and the results were astounding. The injured pigs had their skin restored to near normalcy within 72 hours. More research is underway and the results are already showing the efficacy of silver in reducing swelling, boosting cell recovery and speeding up the healing process.

8.     Cleaning and Deodorizing

Colloidal silver is especially effective at cleaning & disinfecting, as you can see by the suggested list of uses below:

  • Spray silver inside shoes and socks to prevent foot odor as well as infections like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.
  • Spray colloidal silver in the groin area to stop odor and prevent Jock Itch.
  • Swish with colloidal silver to neutralize tooth decay.
  • Add colloidal silver to bath water to reduce body odor and armpit sweat. ( Pssstt, you might also be interested in our free guide 15 Ways to Reduce Body Odor Naturally!)
  • Colloidal silver is beneficial against halitosis. When used for gargling, silver eliminates the bacteria deep inside the throat and tongue.
  • Use silver solution in water to soak dentures and clean and deodorize them.
  • Add it to laundry and dishwashers to eliminate germs from clothes and utensils and prevent odors and stains.
  • Mix colloidal silver with pet’s drinking water to prevent bad breath.
  • Spray it inside refrigerators and garbage bins to prevent mold, mildew and odors.
  • Add it to air conditioner filters and ducts after cleaning vents.
  • Spray colloidal silver on damp clothes/towels and washcloths to prevent odors and mildew.
  • Use it for deodorizing and disinfecting urinals, toilet seats, door knobs, carpets, drapes, wallpaper, hearing aids, hair brushes, eye glass frames, combs, etc.
  • Rinse clothes, towels, bed sheets and diapers with colloidal silver. This will deodorize them.
  • You can also make a DIY homemade deodorant using colloidal silver or try our own Silver & Coconut Natural Roll On Deodorant! The silver not only prevents odor in underarms, it also reduces bacteria and excess perspiration. Unlike commercial deodorants that are filled with heavy metals like aluminum, colloidal silver is minimally absorbed through the skin (provided your skin is intact & not broken)--so it is completely safe for daily use and will not lead to harmful diseases like cancer.

As can be seen, there are literally hundreds of uses of colloidal silver which is an inexpensive, odorless, tasteless and a powerful non-toxic disinfectant.

Myths about Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

There are different kinds of colloidal silver on the market. True colloidal silvers are tiny particles of pure silver (99.999% pure silver), measuring in size from 1-100 nm, which are suspended in distilled water. Another kind of colloidal silver that is marketed--which we do not use nor advocate the use of--is a silver protein colloidal silver, consisting of silver particles suspended in a protein solution. Colloidal silver made with silver proteins are much larger particles than those of true colloids, and hence have the potential (if ingested in large amounts over extended periods of time), of imparting a bluish tinge to the skin, known as argyria. Argyria does not happen with true colloidal silver of 1-100 nm size, but it does have the potential to occur when the large particle size of silver proteins aren’t being properly excreted from the body. The large particle size causes the silver to lodge into one’s tissues & turn blue when exposed to sunlight. This condition, although not physically harmful, occurs from excessive oral intake of large particle sized (improperly made) silver proteins.

The colloidal silver that we use in our deodorant is a pure silver colloid, with silver particles ranging from .024-2 nm in size. Every batch undergoes a 3 step quality process and is completely safe for use and will not cause argyria.

We will now discuss a simple deodorant recipe with colloidal silver.

DIY Deodorant with Colloidal Silver

This deodorant can be applied to the underarms where the lymph nodes are concentrated. Never use harsh chemical based commercial deodorants as these get absorbed through the skin and, with prolonged use, could lead to cancer.

  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • 1 drop each tea tree essential oil, helichrysum essential oil and peppermint essential oil
  • ½ cup colloidal silver solution
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and pour in a bottle with roll-on cap or a spray bottle. Spray in underarm area after bathing.

Have you ever used colloidal silver in your personal care? Please leave your comments and experiences below ☺️

Our products containing colloidal silver:

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