14 Incredible Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil

October 30, 2018

14 Incredible Uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree or Melaleuca alternifolia is native to Australia. The Aboriginal tribes have used tea tree to heal cuts, wounds, and burns for centuries. Captain Cook carried the oil to Europe where it became an instant hit. Today, science has proven that Tea Tree oil is an entire first aid kit in a single bottle. It is little wonder that the oil is used extensively in soaps and body washes, shampoos, cosmetics and beauty products as well as green cleaning products thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Let us study the myriad uses and health benefits of Tea Tree essential oil.

Facts About Tea Tree and Its Oil

  • Tea tree was first used for making tea, until the Aborigines discovered that the leaves of the tree could actually heal abscesses, wounds, bites and stings, etc.
  • In the early days, soldiers were made to carry a bottle of tea tree oil in their  first aid kits.
  • Due to its unique ability to cure and prevent everything from dandruff to lice to ringworm infections, tea tree oil is one of the top selling essential oils in the world.
  • Today, aromatherapists recommend tea tree as the go to oil for curing just about anything and everything.

Medicinal Properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree as an Antiseptic

Throughout the medical world, medical data has been collected and shown that tea tree oil has antiseptic properties which can be use for treating and preventing dental issues, yeast infections, chronic cystitis, foot problems, acne, fungus and candida.

Tea Tree as an Antibacterial/Antifungal 

The essential oil is used as a strong antibacterial and antifungal agent in toothpastes, creams, lotions and gels. Herbalists and aromatherapists are known to recommend this oil, externally and internally, for many years. The oil is particularly beneficial in treating ringworm or tinea infections such as Jock Itch, Athletes Foot, tinea capititis and tinea versicolor. The antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil also make it excellent for use in household cleaners, detergents etc.

Tea Tree as an Anti-Inflammatory

The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain and inflammation. This is beneficial in treating wounds, blisters, skin rashes, abscesses, dental pain, etc. 

Tea Tree as a Deodorant

Tea tree oil is used in mouthwashes to get rid of bad breath. Added to coconut oil and other skin soothing oils, tea tree oil makes an excellent deodorant to eliminate odor causing bacteria from the armpits.

Tea Tree as a Cell Regenerative

The cytophylatic or cell regenerative property of tea tree oil is much praised and valued in skincare. As stated above, the oil has been used for centuries to speed up healing of wounds, cuts, burns and scars. The oil is also used in anti-aging products to reverse signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, etc. With everyday use, tea tree oil can protect against environmental damage that causes acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema etc.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree for Blocked Sinuses

Boil a pot of water and add a few drops of tea tree oil to it. Cover your head and face with a towel, while placing yourself safely and directly over the steaming water. Inhale the medicinal vapors of the oil deeply to get quick relief from nasal congestion, headache and sore throat.

Tea Tree for Canker Sores

Apply undiluted to the sores daily using a clean, sterile cotton wool. Also add a few drops to a glass of warm water and swish around the mouth to heal ulcers and sores.

Tea Tree for Warts and Skin Tags

Apply undiluted to the tags and warts. Within a few days the warts/tags will fall off.

Tea Tree for Ringworm

Apply diluted (mix with coconut or olive oil). Use cotton ball to dab the mixture on the ringworm lesions 2-3 times daily. Do this twice a day for 2-3 weeks or until the ringworm is cured completely.

Tea Tree for Head Lice and Dandruff

Add a few drops of the oil to your shampoo and apply to wet hair. Massage and work up a lather. Let the shampoo sit in hair for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat after 2-3 days to get rid of lice and lice eggs.

Tea Tree for Ear Infections

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to warm olive oil. Using a dropper, add the mixture into the infected ear. Let the oil remain inside the ear for at least 10 minutes. Repeat 2 times a day until the pain and infection go away completely.

Tea Tree for Oral Issues

Use tea tree oil as an oral rinse to cure and prevent gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath/halitosis, etc., and to prevent cavities. Add a few drops to warm water and gargle with the mixture 2 times a day to keep the mouth healthy. You can also prevent plaque and sore gums with this remedy. Apply the oil to inflamed, abscessed teeth to get quick relief from pain.

Tea Tree for Pets

Apply diluted at the base of the tail and in between shoulders to repel ticks and fleas. Also add a few drops to pet shampoo when bathing your pet. This will cure ringworm or fungal skin diseases and also repel parasites. Spray diluted tea tree oil (mixed with water) on pet bedding to repel fleas, ticks and other bugs.

Tea Tree for Cleaning

Add tea tree oil to household cleaners and use it for wiping furniture, floors, countertops, sinks, bath tubs, etc., or to disinfect, deodorize and clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


As can be seen, tea tree oil is indeed an entire first aid kit in a single bottle. Do make it a part of your medicine cabinet!

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Milady's Standard Esthetics: Advanced by Milady

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Milady's Standard Esthetics: Advanced by Milady

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