10 Superfoods for Healthy Glowing Skin

September 25, 2019

10 Superfoods for Healthy Glowing Skin

Superfoods do a lot of things for the body. Of course, thinking that they will turn a frog into a prince is pushing things too far, but they do offer benefits like preventing premature aging and giving your skin a youthful glow. Naturally, these foods need to be a piece of the whole puzzle and not the sole solution. You cannot smoke or tan in the sun and expect to have beautiful skin. And don’t forget about the smart lifestyle choices like daily exercise and a dose of laughter. With that clear, let us take a look at the top 10 superfoods for healthy, glowing skin.

Acai Berries Help Renew & Repair Skin

Acai berries inhibit COX1 and COX2 –inflammatory enzymes-which play a vital role in chronic inflammation. Inflammation in the skin is caused by UV radiation damage that releases free radicals into the skin, causing wrinkles. By consuming acai berries daily, you can inhibit inflammation, reduce skin damage and, potentially, wrinkles. Acai berries are considered one of the best foods for skin repair as they allot necessary time and resources for your skin to repair, renew and heal itself. This superfood for healthy skin is rich in essential fatty acids and supports healthy cell membranes. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in acai berries also discourage inflammation and enhance skin cell structure.

Apple Skin Is a Superfood for Human Skin

The malic acid in apples detoxifies the entire body and even has the power to cleanse the liver. Apple skin is rich in quercetin, which battles free radicals and prevents them from damaging cells in the body. In fact, the skin of apples is a superfood for the human skin; the Journal of Experimental Botany even reports that the phenols in apple skins can actually deliver a hefty dose of UV protection. Since there are more than 10 different varieties of apples in the market, you can eat any variety you like. However, Fuji apples have the greatest amount of phenolic and flavonoid compounds and they are extremely high in antioxidant activity. These are followed closely by Red Delicious.

Soybean Oil for Tighter, Smoother Skin

Researchers believe that soybean oil can actually counteract the changes in collagen metabolism to help you regain tighter, smoother skin. In many clinical trials, soy extract based creams were shown to improve the appearance of skin, making it tighter and even reducing sagging. Women can especially benefit from soy’s estrogenic effects which increase bone strength, prevent breast cancer and reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Enjoy soy in any form you like such as tempeh, miso, tofu, soy milk. etc.  Please make sure it is non-GMO and organic soy.

Fish/Seafood for Reducing Wrinkles

Your skin and your heart will thank you if you eat fish three times a week. Salmon, anchovies, tune, mackerel, sardines, etc., are packed with wrinkle fighting Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Fish oil is also beneficial in fighting inflammation that damages the skin and other organs. Coastal populations with diets rich in saltwater fish and seafood show lower rates of acne than inland populations. This indicates that fish is one of the best superfoods for skin acne prevention.

Green Tea Increases Skin's Elasticity

Green tea has become one of the world’s most popular beverages. It has been proclaimed the highest antioxidant rich drink on the planet. The powerful antioxidant EGCG in green tea increases skin’s elasticity and prevents inflammation that causes puffy redness. You have no doubt heard that green tea prevents cancer and fights belly fat; additionally, it is also packed with nutrients that fight wrinkles.

Chia Seeds Heal & Protect Skin

Chia seeds contain Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) which, researchers believe, may help prevent and reduce inflammation, promote wound healing and maintain the topmost surface of the skin. Many reports are now suggesting that the ancient Aztecs used Chia oil topically to heal and protect the skin. A study in 2010 also established that the intake of chia seeds considerably improved skin conditions ranging from psoriasis, to eczema to acne and dry skin as well as pruritis and xerosis, using 4% topical chia oil.

Quinoa Prevents Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Quinoa contains lysine, a key building block in the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Eating quinoa regularly can heal damaged tissue and help create scar tissue for speedier healing of wounds. The high levels of Vitamin B2 or riboflavin in quinoa imparts elasticity, softness and resilience to the skin. It also builds up connective tissue and helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin A content of this ancient grain can halt the aging process and make the skin look younger. Regular consumption of quinoa will give you a boost of collagen that can rejuvenate the skin from within and delay signs of aging. Quinoa is also one of the best superfoods for clear skin, as it decreases sebum production and soothes red and inflamed areas associated with acne.

Carrots for a Healthy Complexion

In one cup of carrots, you will find roughly 685% of the daily recommended value of vitamin A. This means that you will admire your reflection in the mirror as you notice fewer wrinkles thanks to carrot consumption. Carrots are the highest source of beta carotene which boosts  the immune system and reduces the risk of several cancers. These superfoods for glowing skin also stimulate T cells which are the immune helper cells that aid in building skin, bones, teeth and healthy eyes. They are also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, B vitamins and fiber, all of which are necessary for a healthy complexion.

Celery Naturally Balances Our Skin

Celery is a natural detoxifier which aids in digestion and weight loss. It is helpful in treating chemical imbalances that can cause acne breakouts and other health issues. Moreover, celery balances acidity in the body to reduce inflammation and clear up the skin. Key nutrients in celery include B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and numerous skin-friendly phytochemicals.

Water for Hydrated & Supple Skin

Water is an essential component of healthy skin. Nearly 70% of the body is made with water. Unfortunately, we lose a lot of water through evaporation and respiration. As we age, we need even more water to prevent dehydrated, parched skin and other signs of aging. It is no wonder that many skincare brands are incorporating a combination of water and oil in their topical and injectible products to hydrate mature skin. We need to drink at least 10 glasses of this superfood daily to get healthy, glowing skin. If you do not like the taste of plain water, incorporate fresh juices, fruit infused water, or  coconut water, etc., into your diet.

Start adding these super foods for a healthy glowing complexion and see the difference!


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